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We are your go-to destination for comprehensive maintenance and renovation solutions. With a commitment to excellence, we proudly offer a wide spectrum of services to meet your diverse needs

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Civil Works

From foundation to finishing touches, Radix Technix specializes in civil works that include construction, renovation, and infrastructure development. Our experienced team ensures that your projects are executed flawlessly and on time.

Interior Fitout

Elevate your interior spaces with Radix Technix expert interior fit out services. Whether it's a corporate office, retail space, or residential area, we bring your design ideas to life with precision and style.

Metal Fabrication

Our metal fabrication services cover a wide range of applications, including custom metalwork, structural steel fabrication, and welding. We create durable and aesthetically pleasing metal products tailored to your needs.

Korean Marble Works

Experience the beauty and durability of Korean marble in your projects. We specialize in Korean marble installation and finishing to add a touch of elegance to your interiors.

Kiosk Design

Stand out in the retail and hospitality sectors with our bespoke kiosk design services. We create eye-catching, functional kiosks that enhance your brand's presence and customer experience.

Flooring Work

Your floors play a crucial role in the overall look and feel of your spaces. We offer a wide range of flooring solutions, from hardwood and tiles to epoxy coatings, ensuring durability & aesthetics.

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Cherry Picker

Manlift Rental Services

At Radix Technix, we understand that reaching new heights is essential for various activities and projects. Whether you’re involved in construction, maintenance, or any other task that requires elevated access, our Cherry Picker Services are here to support your endeavors.


Impressive Height Access

Our manlifts come with a remarkable 27-meter height access capability. This enables you to reach even the most challenging elevated workspaces, ensuring that no task is too high to accomplish.

Robust Load Capacity

Safety is paramount, which is why our manlifts are equipped with a load capacity of 230 kg. This allows you to transport necessary tools and equipment up to your work area, reducing the need for multiple trips and enhancing productivity.

Extended Lateral Outreach

Our manlifts boast an impressive 14.5 meters of lateral outreach. This means you can reach over obstacles, work around tight corners, and access hard-to-reach places with ease. It’s all about flexibility and efficiency.

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