Elevate Your Space with Radix Technix Interior Fitout Services

We specialize in Interior Fit Out services, bringing your idea to life by combining creativity and workmanship. Whether you're a business owner, a property manager, or a homeowner, our staff is committed to providing custom interior design solutions that transform your area.
Partition Works

Creating divisions within a space, providing privacy and organization.

Ceiling Systems

Installing ceilings that enhance the aesthetics and acoustics of a room.


Selection and installation of flooring materials that match the design and usage requirements.

Lighting Installation

Installing lighting solutions that not only illuminate but also enhance the overall ambiance.

Cabinetry and Shelving

Crafting custom cabinets and shelving to maximize storage and functionality.

Decorative Elements

Adding elements that enhance the visual appeal and atmosphere of the space.

Electrical and Data Installation

Ensuring seamless integration of technology and connectivity within the interior.

Furniture Installation

Arranging and assembling furniture to match the design and usage needs.

Signage and Branding

Incorporating signage and branding elements to create a cohesive and branded interior environment.

Audio-Visual Setup

Integrating AV systems for presentations, entertainment, or communication.

HVAC and Ventilation

Ensuring proper climate control and ventilation for comfort and health.

Why Choose Radix Technix for Interior Fitouts?

Creativity and Innovation: A love for creativity and innovation drives our exceptional team of interior designers and craftspeople. To provide fresh and original ideas to each project, we remain ahead of design trends and technology.

Quality Craftsmanship: We take great pride in our work and are committed to quality craftsmanship. Every aspect is methodically performed, from material selection to installation, to ensure longevity and beauty.
Innovation: We keep abreast of the most recent breakthroughs in construction technology and sustainability practices. This enables us to provide new solutions that not only fulfil your demands but also help to create a greener, more sustainable future.
Client-Centric Approach: We base our services on your vision and satisfaction. We collaborate closely with you, providing direction and options at each stage to ensure the end outcome meets your exact specifications.
Efficiency and timeliness: We recognize the importance of time in interior design projects. We meet deadlines and deliver your place on time thanks to our effective project management.
Sustainability: Radix Technix is committed to environmentally friendly methods. To limit our carbon footprint, we use eco-friendly products and environmentally responsible construction practices.
Cost-Effective Solutions: We provide cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality. Our value-driven strategy and transparent pricing ensure that you get the best return on your investment.